Copilot Development for Business Central

About the Workshop

This full-day workshop was held at BC TechDays in the picturesque city of Antwerp. Designed to arm participants with cutting-edge skills, the workshop focused on integrating AI-powered copilot functionalities into Business Central. Attendees learned how to transform business interactions with technology and lead the AI revolution in their workspaces.

What You Achieved

Practical Skills:

Participants created AI copilots specifically designed for Business Central, significantly enhancing system functionality.

AI Insights:

Attendees gained a comprehensive understanding of Large Language Models (LLMs) and their impactful applications in business environments.

Efficient Solutions:

The workshop enabled the development of AI tools that improved user experiences and optimized business processes for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

Technologies Learned

Prompt Engineering

Skills were developed in designing effective AI prompts to enhance user interaction and responsiveness.

Copilot Toolkit:

Attendees mastered tools for copilot development, including PromptDialog, registration, and monitoring.

Advanced AI Concepts

The workshop provided an in-depth look at embeddings, semantic search, and structured outputs for advanced AI interactions.

What People Say