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I finished St. Petersburg Polytechnic University in 2007, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. I started working during my 2nd year of university. My first employer was the biggest Gold Partner where I first met Navision. It was almost 20 years ago… Wow, it seemed to be like yesterday.

After 2 years, I moved to the customer side, an international Tech company, which used Navision 3.7 worldwide. It was a wonderful period, I traveled a lot, met new people, solved thousands of cases, and made upgrades. I learned a lot about what users expect from the system, what they hate and love.  

I co-founded NavDesign and put there all acquired experience and passion. I saw a big perspective in NAV flexibility, simplicity, and extensibility. Focused on the creation of ISV solutions which helped thousands of people every day. We raised from 3 people to 17 in 3 years. Then the political situation changed, and I sold the company. 

At those moment the AI buzz was growing, and I believed in its power. 

I headed the cloud development department of a big Tech company from the country’s Top-10 list, where learned AI and Machine Learning. 

That was a fun time. But the company was not focused on Business Central (ex. Navision). My heart was with BC, so I decided to quite.

I founded Katson.com. With the vision to enrich Dynamics 365 Business Central with modern AI-powered smart applications i helped many partners to transform their ISV solutions and move them to the AppSource. 

In 2018 I was awarded as Microsoft MVP. Was a speaker in many industry-top conferences: Directions ASIA, EMEA and North America, Days of Knowledge and NAVTech Days, huge number of meetups and local events. Was one who organized AI Bootcamp in Russia. 

In 2020 relocated to a beautiful island Koh Samui, Thailand. 

My passion is to generate new ideas and bring them to life.

AppSource journey

First app is about to be published to the AppSource  [coming soon...]

Relocation to Samui, Thailand

Covid-19 made a thing – my family moved to beautiful Thailand and stayed here. I started completely online business: trainings, conferences and outsource Business Central development.

Top Conferences Speaker

I traveled around the world, even from Bangkok to Las Vegas in 1 week. Had an honor to be a Speaker at NAVTech Days, Directions ASIA, EMEA, North America, Days of Knowledge.

MVP award

One of the important achievements in BC life is to become a part of very limited MVP family of amazing people. First time speaker at NAVTech DaysDirections EMEA.  Run my own AL development courses. Organized first-ever AI Bootcamp in Russia


Business Central App development and implementation services worldwide was born. My cloud-first, app-first and AI-first vision brought me to the point of starting my new company under the personal brand. Spreading the vision among the community started.

Consyst Business Group

Director of Cloud & AI department. Created the department from scratch: goals, strategy, and team. Published ever-first AI Maintenance Predictive App, Cross-ERP Documents Exchange App.


Owner and CEO. We raised up to 17 people. Fully automated support department been solving 1K issues monthly. ISV department created Business Central applications, used by thousands of users every day.


Co-owner, Head of NAV Development. I started my ever-first company. What a journey it was…wow. Learned a lot from finding the right team to finding money to run the company. We started with international implementation services and created first ISV products for project management and budgeting.


Support engineer, developer. First customer-side work. First international travels. First upgrade projects.

Awara IT Solutions

Trainer, developer. Alexander Ermakov, who is now MVP, speaker and very well known in Business Central world, just started a new company. I trained his team and helped him with Navision implementations. Now, they are big international Gold partner, were many of my friends work.

Korus Consulting

Navision developer. Start of my Navision career happened at this wonderful company – the biggest Gold partner at those period. People I worked with are still among my best friends.

St. Peterburg Polytechnical university​

I relocated to St. Peterburg from small city Vitebsk, Belarus – the home of many well-known artists - Mark Chagal and Kazimir Malevich. The University learned me how to team with people, think coherent, search for information quickly and raise questions.

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