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How we broke limits at the #BCAIHackathon

At the #BCAIHackathon, our team pushed beyond what we thought was possible, blending creativity with technology to solve complex challenges. Working around the clock, we transformed ideas into reality, demonstrating the power of collaboration and innovation. This experience wasn’t just about coding; it was a journey of breaking limits and discovering our potential. Join us as we share our adventure and the lessons we learned along the way.

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Code Signing in 2024

Discover the simple steps to securely sign your AppSource apps in 2024, overcoming new code signing hurdles with Azure Key Vault and GlobalSign – all within a day!

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Oauth to connect to the EmbeddApp Business Central. Life story

Recently I was asked by one of the partners to help them to connect external application to the Business Central APIs using OAuth.

“No problem, at all” – thought I, and got into the details. But then I released, that the Business Central they were talking about – is not a standard SaaS environment, but an EmbeddApp environment.

What is an EmbeddApp?

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Queuing Background Tasks

I recently faced an interesting problem. The customer had production terminal at the end of a line, were the operator proceed the output. When he

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