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Copilot Development for Business Central

About the Workshop.

Want to add Copilot functionalities to your own products?

Join me for a one-day workshop at the Microsoft office in Melbourne! We’ll focus on developing Copilot features in Business Central. This workshop is perfect for developers and IT professionals who want to learn the technical aspects of integrating unique Copilot features, including mastering prompt engineering. You’ll leave inspired and equipped with the knowledge and tools to start your own AI-driven projects.

Meet Your Copilot.

Dmitry Katson


AI & Business Central MVP


Over 20 years in Business Central


Creator of, an innovative AI search tool powered by the community's collective intelligence


Committed to enhancing Business Central with intelligent, AI-driven solutions.

What You Will Achieve.

Practical Skills:

You'll build AI copilots tailored for Business Central, boosting its capabilities.

AI Insights:

Learn how Large Language Models (LLMs) can transform business operations.

Efficient Solutions:

Create AI tools that streamline user interactions and optimize business workflows for better performance.

Learn Cutting-Edge Technologies.

Copilot Toolkit

Learn how to develop, test, and integrate prompt dialog pages using the Copilot toolkit. You’ll also learn how to connect with Azure OpenAI and track your Copilot’s usage.

Prompt Engineering

Develop skills in designing effective prompts that improve user interaction and increase the accuracy of responses.

Advanced AI Concepts

Explore how to use embeddings and semantic search to provide smart, context-aware responses in Business Central.

Detailed Timeline.

9:00 AM

Introduction to Copilot Development

10:30 AM

Advanced UI and LLM Responses

12:00 PM

Lunch Break

1:00 PM

Prompt Engineering

2:00 PM

Advanced Prompt Engineering and RAG Techniques

3:00 PM

Deep Dive into Function Calling

4:00 PM

Embeddings and Semantic Search

5:00 PM

Wrap-Up and Closing Thoughts

By the End of This Workshop.

You will create 6 copilots , ready for immediate implementation in your projects and applications.

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