An error in the Purchase order “AzureMLWrapper.AzureMLRequest” failed

While preparing to Days Of Knowledge, just 1 day before my demo (as usual 🙂 I got this error


“A call to Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.AzureMLWrapper.AzureMLRequest failed with this message: is not a valid Azure ML Uri”.

An error appears always when you open Purchase order or Purchase Invoice. 

First, I thought I broke something, cos I massively consume that Codeunit in my demo app. But then it appeared, that even without my extension an error exist. 

Trying to debug that, didn’t help a lot, cos all code was hidden. At least there was a call stack


Just looking at this, I figured out that it’s coming from “Sales & Inventory Forecast”. Checked that extension in the GitHub and found that “showMyCode = false”


Ok, that’s the answer why the code is hidden, but not the answer on the error itself. 

Going deeper in the stack (i felt like blind without seeing the code), got to the Codeunit 1945 GP Forecast Handler, which is not the part of “Sales & Inventory Forecast”, and also not a part of any of publically available extensions on GitHub.  

‘GP’ in the name hinted at a connection with GP extensions. And in a minute, I figured out that it’s a part of GP Data Migration Extension.

So uninstalling GP Data Migration Extension helped to solve that.

Temporary solution: Uninstall GP Data Migration Extension and error will disappear. 

An error appears only if “Sales & Inventory Forecast” is not configured. It’s trying to connect to AzureML with blank URL and so this error happen. 

Normal solution: Configure “Sales & Inventory Forecast” and error will disappear.

A good how-do-i video I found here

Microsoft is aware of that, fix is ready and will be rolled out together with update 26.

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