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Oauth to connect to the EmbeddApp Business Central. Life story

Recently I was asked by one of the partners to help them to connect external application to the Business Central APIs using OAuth.

“No problem, at all” – thought I, and got into the details. But then I released, that the Business Central they were talking about – is not a standard SaaS environment, but an EmbeddApp environment.

What is an EmbeddApp?

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Queuing Background Tasks

I recently faced an interesting problem. The customer had production terminal at the end of a line, were the operator proceed the output. When he

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In the upcoming version of Business Central there is one interesting feature for AL developers – Returning complex types At last, on the customers question “How difficult

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How to extend Business Central API without extensions

As most of you, I guess know, it is not allowed to extend Business Central API’s :
This page type cannot be extended by creating a page extension object. Instead, you must create a new API by adding a page object

However, sometimes we just need to send more data about the entity: Customer, Vendor, Sales/Purchase documents etc.

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