Demystifying re-installation process for Business Central Apps. Without uninstall

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We ended up with the summary: what’s going on during the upgrade of the app.

  • Upgrade codeunit was triggered
  • Install codeunit was not triggered

The result of this scenario can be displayed in the next picture


Figure 1. Upgrading app

Re-installing App

Re-installing means that we will publish the app, with the same “version” as it is already installed on the tenant.

This is a usual situation when we are in development-testing process. 


There are several ways how we can achieve app re-installation.

Option 1: Without uninstallation 

Container Sandbox

VSCode > AL:Publish without debugging (Ctrl+F5)

Online Sandbox

VSCode > AL:Publish without debugging (Ctrl+F5)

Online Business Central Production Tenant

>Web client > Extensions Page >Upload .app file

Not possible. When you try to upload the same version of the app to a Cloud Production Business Central tenant you receive an error


You cannot re-install app in production without uninstallation


  • Upgrade codeunit was not triggered
  • Install codeunit was triggered
  • Not possible for Online Business Central Production Tenant

The result of this step can be displayed in the next picture


Figure 2. Re-install without uninstallation 

What’s next

Next blog will be about the re-installation process (with uninstalling option). Stay tuned.

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