Monitoring Dynamics 365 Business Central AL functions performance with Application Insights

It was a while since my last blog. With all this happening outside I had to solve some home stuff. But everything is ok 🙂 I’m safe and we are in the perfect place to live in the isolation mode …

Recently I was involved into the project to build a Dynamics 365 Business Central App, which gathered all inventory information from Purchase to Sale, including transfers, production orders etc. in one place, with one goal – to understand the profitability of each line in each purchase order.

Besides the comprehensive business logic, I was limited with the next:

  • every day the company generates about 100K inventory transactions;
  • we didn’t have access to SQL to measure performance (hosted in a private cloud);
  • the calculation window was limited to 2 hours.

After building the app we found that executing on production data takes about 40 hours, and we had to reduce the execution time up to 2 hours at least … and the only tool to measure performance was … intuition image.

So, I’ve got an idea to use Azure App Insights Service to see what’s happening and where we can improve.

With implementing App Insights logging into our real app, we were able to find the most time-consuming functions and make refactoring – decreasing the total execution time from 40h to 2h.

Please read the full article here on the Simplanove website about how you can Monitor Dynamics 365 Business Central AL functions performance with Application Insights and share your thoughts!


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