Luck Van Dyck did it … once again. #NAVTechDays 2018 where the best I’ve ever seen! 


NAVTechDays were always special because of the content. All other conferences are focusing on management, PMs, consultants AND developers.

NAVTechDays are focusing ONLY ON Developers. No marketing, no unbelievable promises – only #realtechnicalcontent that works! …almost always ๐Ÿ™‚ 

This year I was interested in CI/CD , Machine Learning and Docker. And of course I could not miss sessions from our gurus, gods, mvps … or as they are usually calling – dinosaurs. 


David Singleton demystifying who is a dinosaur. Funny, but seems that next year I’ll become dinosaur :)))


From his session together with Erik P. Ernst (epernst) I’ve got two main outcomes:

– Don’t try to sit on all chairs : choose – are you moving to the modern world of Business Center or die comfortable with NAV2009 classic. 

– If you a “dinosaur” – transfer your knowledge and experience to “newborns” . We need to double developers in the next 3-5 years. We have everything to achieve that.

The Muppet show

Well, I think i will be the 1001 person who will blog about that.


On this pic you see waldo and Vjeko breaking the boundaries of everything that was done before.

I was sitting at the first row, and enjoyed the show. During this TechDays I had a pleasure to spoke with many of our MVPs, and I was surprised to discover that there are so unlisted talents they have: singing, dancing , playing piano and … the organ. In Russia we say: “Talented people are talented in everything” .

But this session was not only about fun


Oh yes, there was much fun


But also serious things like

– Don’t NET

– PowerShell is your friend

– Machine Learning is the future


Wait a minute. There is a technical exception of that. Technically “Machine Learning” was the past on that moment… because – that was my session together with Steven Renders, which finished just before!

To be a part of #thebest

Oh yes! You here’d that very well. I was a speaker at NAVTechDays 2018! 


And my topic was “Add some magic to Business Center with Machine Learning”!

We tried to solve menu-items-demand-predicting-problem in one certain restaurant. And we did it!


In parallel completely demystified the process of Machine Learning


And found that Luc Van Dyck is a man and passionate about TechDays ๐Ÿ™‚


You know what – to be on stage among #thebest and see 700+ attendees, that’s priceless feeling.

I also had 2 full days pre-conference workshops, where I taught 35 people in total – how to use ML, how to build custom models, how to consume them etc. 

Docker … with Tobias

Did you know that Tobias Fenster was the guy, who pushed Freddy Kristiansen to look at Docker? Oh yes, that was about 2 years ago. And now, Docker is everywhere in our #MsDyn365BC world. 

That was a great pleasure to be on his session. 


I learned about multi-containers and how to create containers with business central from business central running in a container ๐Ÿ˜‰


That topic was heard from everywhere, but this 3 guys: Gunnar , Arend-Jan Kauffmann (ajkauffmann) and Kamil really demystified that


Ok, seriously it was one of #thebest sessions.

After my session about Machine Learning, I’ve got one feedback – “good session is one which inspires you in learning new things, and you guys did that”. I can just forward that to them. 


I wished to be everywhere, but that was impossible. 

Crazy integrations of Business Central with Azure Functions by Alexander Ermakov and Andrey Baludin i missed. 


Their demo “Are you enough drunk to post sales invoice?” definitely was on of #thebest ๐Ÿ™‚

So, somewhere here in the next week Luc will upload all the sessions, and I can enjoy the missed show.  

Special thanks

As I said before, I was a speaker here.

For sure, I would like to thank two people for that

Luc Van Dyck – for trust


and Steven Renders for his incredible wow-effect-from-power-bi-demo and friendship ๐Ÿ™‚



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