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Dynamics NAV has 22 localizations. Every localization has own features. But it is not only about taxes and local accounting. Some features from one localization can be very useful in another. 

For example, some years ago only Italy localization (if I remember well)  had a functionality to Correct or Cancel posted invoices,  then this functionality appeared in W1. 

That’s good that Microsoft looks into it and include staff to W1. But we, as Partners, who work with our localizations every day see more.  


As I work with Russian localization quite a lot, and this is the most complex localization in the world, I see many features that can be very useful for rest of the world. 

For example G/L, Customer and Vendor Turnovers. Our accountants cannot imagine their work day without them.  

And as we now have extension model, I decided to make extension Turnovers Pack, which will include turnovers from Russian localization, and can be installed on any other localization with one click. 

This is ideally lying on the concept that localizations should be extensions.


1. To take local functionality we create Database NAV2017RU.

2. To create an extension, as usual, we should create 3 databases: NAV2017W1_ORIG, NAV2017W1_DEV, NAV2017W1_TEST.

3. Then we export needed objects from NAV2017RU, renumber them (cos we cannot import in standard id range), import in NAV2017W1_DEV. Some code refactoring can be needed.

4. Then we create deltas between NAV2017W1_ORIG and NAV2017W1_DEV. 

5. The last but not least, create manifest, logo and Turnovers pack.navx file.

6. Last, publish and install on NAV2017W1_TEST.

And we have installed extension


New pages in accounting Role Center


And of course new functionality inside

G/L Turnover


Customer Turnover


Vendor Turnover


More about this standard functionality you can find in Alexander’s blog.

Source code and the extension itself you can find in my Github repository https://github.com/dkatson/GL-Turnovers-pack-for-NAV

What’s next

We all are experts in what we do every day. At the same time, we don’t know what our neighbours have and very often we reinvent the bicycle. 

I think it’s a good idea to think about what you can share with others, create such localized packages and make them available for all community. 

This is not concurrency with Microsoft, this is our investment in strong partners nav community.

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