Why Export-NAVApplicationObject can fail

Today I’ve got a strange error when tried to create the .navx file.

Windows PowerShell

PS C:\> Compare-NAVApplicationObject –OriginalPath C:\Solution\ORIGINAL\*.txt -ModifiedPath C:\Solution\MODIFIED\*.txt -DeltaPath C:\Solution\DELTA

Processed 14 objects:
Inserted 0 objects
Deleted 1 objects
Changed 4 objects
Identical 9 objects
Failed 1 objects

This was strange, cos my solution had only new objects. No log, nothing. All objects compiled.

After some time of the investigation, I tried old fashioned way: export in .txt and import as txt.
And what I’ve got: ERROR ‘BEGIN Expected’.

So the reason was that in some function I had a variable called ‘ARRAY’. I know that this was a bad pattern, but anyway…
I changed the name of variable and woalya! No errors.

That was strange behaviour. So take in mind once again, don’t call variables with system names.

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