CentralQ Chat: Scripts to Manuals, 40% Off

The latest update in Business Central V24 Wave 1 introduces Page Scripting, a feature so much anticipated by many users. It lets you record what you do in the interface and play it back to repeat those actions exactly.

The main purpose of Page Scripting is to test business processes and scenarios, also known as user acceptance testing (UAT).

After recording the steps, you can share them as a Yaml file or a link. And this is a key to the new feature introduced in a new version of CentralQ Chat.

Script, Save, and Chat

CentralQ Chat has been at the forefront of enhancing user interaction with Business Central for a while, by providing AI-driven, personalized guidance.

With the new Import Page Scripting feature, CentralQ Chat takes a significant leap forward. Now, you can import workflows directly from YAML files or links, which the AI brain converts into detailed user manuals in your preferred language.

These manuals are not just documents—they are integrated directly into your CentralQ knowledgebase, becoming part of the chat support system.

This means whenever you ask questions related to the imported process, CentralQ Chat will utilize the relevant sections of these manuals to provide accurate, contextually relevant answers.

Edit and Share Manuals

CentralQ Chat goes beyond generating manuals from page scripts—it places the power of personalization in your hands. Directly edit your manuals within the interface for an updated knowledgebase, ready to be shared or archived:

  • Direct Edits: Make real-time updates to manuals within CentralQ Chat for an immediate knowledgebase refresh.
  • Word & YAML Exports: Need a copy? Export manuals in Word or YAML formats from the Private Data section for external use.

Remember, while changes made outside of CentralQ won’t sync back. 

Direct Execution Links

Every response related to your scripts comes with actionable links. Click, and you’re taken straight to the page script in Business Central

A Price Cut

Alongside the introduction of Page Scripting, excited to announce a substantial price reduction. CentralQ Chat now costs just $12 per user/month, down from $20, or an even more economical $120 per user/year—that’s, including 1-month free trial, effectively $9 per user/month when paid annually.

These fees apply only to users who actually use CentralQ Chat. It’s not a blanket cost for all Business Central users, which makes it a cost-effective choice for businesses of all sizes.

Why This Matters

CentralQ Chat is not just about answering “How does MY Business Central work?”—it’s about making those answers actionable, personalized, and now, more affordable. And with the new Page Scripting feature, CentralQ Chat is even more helpful. 


Try Out

Curious to see how it works? Activate 30-days free trial of CentralQ Chat , read the docs on using the Page Scripting feature here, and start transforming your page scripts into user manuals today. Note: Business Central V24 or newer is required.

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