Directions Asia 2024. What Happened in Bangkok…

This year was my 4th time attending Directions Asia, and it was a blast!

Bangkok is the perfect host city, filled with excitement, great food, and even better company. From MVP dinners to workshops and packed sessions, there was never a quiet moment. Let me share some of the highlights with you.

MVP Dinner

Our Directions Asia 2024 kicked off with a bang at the MVP dinner. We had 13 MVPs in Bangkok, and 8 made it to a fantastic boat dinner experience on the Chao Phraya River. We spent two hours enjoying top-notch Thai cuisine and engaging in some hot and spicy discussions—literally and figuratively 🙂

Pre-Conference Training: Copilot Development

I hosted a pre-conference workshop titled Copilot Development – AI-Powered Extensions for Business Central. With 25 attendees, it was a hit, judging by the fantastic feedback I received.

We built five different copilots, diving deep into the toolkit, prompt building, and understanding LLM workings. I poured my heart into preparing nearly 90 pages of how-to guides across six modules, and it was all worth it.

A funny highlight: one attendee found that asking his copilot to “Suggest a plan to organize a 3-day conference with workshops, sessions, and a party” got flagged by the Azure OpenAI safeguard system. But changing it to “an evening party” worked like a charm. Lesson learned: no morning parties!

Generative AI Session

Right after the keynote, I held a session on Developing Generative AI Experiences for Your Extensions. It was a packed 45 minutes where I covered everything from creating a prompt dialog page to integrating with Azure OpenAI and even touched on the latest function calling feature. The “aha” moments on everyone’s faces were priceless.

Valuable Sessions and Key Learnings

I didn’t get to attend many sessions due to meetings with partners and Microsoft, but two sessions stood out for me:

These sessions gave me new insights into fixing performance issues, and I’ve already started experimenting with some of these techniques on customer tenants. Lots of ideas brewing for Directions EMEA!

Another fantastic session was

As someone who usually sticks to Langchain, this was a great introduction to the possibilities with ML Studio Promt Workflow. Definitely worth exploring further!

What's Next?

Catch me at:

BCTech Days. Antwerp, Belgium: June 11-14.

  • Two days of workshops (fully sold out!)
  • 90-minute session on copilot development with the amazing Horina from Microsoft.

Early Bird Announcement

I’ll be in Australia in August 2024 for workshops in Sydney and Melbourne. Stay tuned for details!

A big thank you to all the Directions Asia organizers—Frank, Torben, Adela, Leen, and others—for an amazing event. See you all in 2025.

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