How to create a demo of D365 if there is no localization in your country.

This is for partners only.

If you want to create Dynamics365 Demo tenant, but you don’t have localization in your country (f.ex. D365 for Financials in Russia) you can follow this guide. 

1. Go to and sign in with Microsoft Partner login

2. Create 4 digit personal PIN code in your Profile

3. Create tenant with standard office365 demo content

4. You will get a link to your tenant, admin username and password. Save them 

5. Open provided link to your tenant and sign in with credentials

6. Open your apps -> Dynamics365 or open , sign in there with the same credentials (from p.4) and click Get Started

7. Here you will find list of demo D365 apps. If you don’t see Dynamics365 For Financials just change your browser interface language to English US. 

8. Dynamics365 For Financials icon will appear, choose it and fill e-mail (provided in p.4) and telephone, click Get Started

9. Wait until Dynamics365 For Financials tenant will be installed.

That’s it. Good testing!

You can watch demo video of the same process with good music below. 

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