#BCAIHackathon 2024: Behind the Scenes

Last week, I was honored to be invited to the Dynamics Corner podcast, where we unveiled how we built “Semantic Search” for Business Central during the BC AI Hackathon in February 2024. It was an incredible opportunity to share our journey, the challenges we faced, and the innovative decisions we made. Additionally, I thought it’s a good time to show our full pitch to the public and give a detailed look at our “Semantic Search for Next Copilots” solution.

Semantic Search for Next Copilots

At the BC AI Hackathon 2024, we set out to revolutionize how AI interacts with Business Central. Our project turned Business Central into the first-party vector database with a built-in smart search powered by AI. This innovative approach, known as semantic search, goes beyond traditional keyword searches by understanding the meaning behind words.

For a detailed look at our solution, you can refer to my previous blog post: How we broke limits at the #bcaihackathon

The Interview: Behind the Scenes

I had the opportunity to share our journey and the thought process behind our solution in an interview. You can watch the full interview in Episode 322 of “In the Dynamics Corner Chair: Business Central AI Hackathon” here. It was an incredible experience to discuss how our team collaborated, the challenges we faced, and the innovative steps we took to overcome them.

The Pitch: Semantic Search for Next Copilots

Our pitch was an adventure in itself! With each of us in different time zones, we recorded our parts individually. We finished just an hour before the deadline, and I had to record my part during sunrise— the real one, not AI-generated! 😉

We showcased how AI copilots can understand and respond to queries with amazing accuracy using advanced semantic search. Check out our pitch here

Meet The Team

Behind this groundbreaking project is a dedicated team of experts, and I couldn’t be more grateful for their hard work and commitment:

  • Dmitry Katson: The visionary behind the project, leading the team and developing the proof of concept.
  • Stefano Demiliani: Our tech guru, an expert in Azure and databases, ensuring our solution is scalable.
  • Jeremy Vyska: The business solutions expert, ensuring our project solves real business challenges.

A huge thanks to the team for making this ambitious idea a reality!

Wrapping Up

The BC AI Hackathon 2024 was more than just a competition; it was a celebration of what’s possible when creativity, technology, and determination come together. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved and excited for the future innovations that will emerge from these foundations.

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